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Release date: 
September 2, 2014
Total songs: 
Play Forever Dilating Eye

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Beyond the Black Rainbow: Original Soundtrack

Sinoia Caves is a solo side-project of Jeremy Schmidt, best known as keyboardist for B.C. rock heroes Black Mountain. Its debut full-length, 2006's The Enchanter Persuaded, was very well-received. Schmidt's skills as a wizard with vintage synths led to an invite to score 2010 sci-fi film Beyond The Black Rainbow, and it is belatedly (but happily) now being given a vinyl release. It shows he is a skilful composer of evocative and sometimes sinister soundscapes, as on the opening theme "Forever Dilating Eye". Reference points would include Tangerine Dream. Splendid stuff, but let's hope Schmidt and his Black Mountain comrades return to action soon.