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Release date: 
January 29, 2013
Total songs: 
Hip Hop/Rap
Play Surf's Up (feat. Sebastien Grainger)
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Black On Blonde

After months of self-hype and a necessary pushed-back release date, k-os’s heavily awaited double disc, BLack on BLonde, is now on release. Bridging the dichotomy that’s always been apparent in his work, one disc is comprised entirely of rock tunes, with k-os handling almost all of the instrumental and vocals, with the second disc containing old-school hip-hop jams. Of course, it’s never that simple – the former has moments of funkiness, and the latter rarely abandons analog instruments and melody in lieu of sampling. Few could find the link between Bob Dylan and Mos Def and make it work, but Kevin Brereton is at the top of his game here and he makes the connection. He delivers an ambitious record, accessible as “Crabbuckit”, and daring like Fear of a Blank Planet (if perhaps less politically charged). Forget Joyful Rebellion – this is the boldest outing yet. Not one to overlook his Can-Con peers, there are well-placed appearances from Saukrates, Shad, Jay Malinowski, Emily Haines, DFA1979’s Sebastian Grainger, Sam Roberts, and Corey Hart.