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Release date: 
August 19, 2014
Total songs: 
Rock/Pop, R&B/Soul
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Black Skeletons - Single

Since his days in much-loved JUNO-winning r 'n b/pop outfit Bass Is Base, Chin Injeti has found major success in production and writing, working with the likes of such superstars as Eminem, Drake, Pink and 50 Cent. Now he steps into the solo spotlight with a new solo album, The Reverb, set for a Sept. 9 release. We loved his January single "On The Run", and he now gets us excited about the album with a dynamite new single, "Black Skeletons", given a very tasty remix by his comrades in Injeti side project The New Royales. DJ Khalil adds tasty and catchy beats, and vocals and new lyrics are delivered by by Erik Alcock and Liz Rodrigues (who has worked with Eminem and Pitbull).

Let's hope for live shows to follow.