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Release date: 
February 17, 2015
Total songs: 
Rock/Pop, Alternative
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Black to Gold - Single

Vancouver-bred synth-rock up and comers Dear Rouge now have the backing of Universal Music Canada behind them, so they won’t be an under-the-radar entity for too long. With their debut album, Black to Gold, due soon (March 30), the husband-wife musical duo have released the disc’s title track on iTunes along with the album pre-order. A sparkplug of a single, the M83-esque leads and Metric-styled hooks make it an instantaneously infectious listen – it’s probably why the new tune is currently the most added single at alternative radio.

Sing along to it at one of their live shows on their winter tour with The Arkells, which kicks off Feb. 20 in Vancouver at the Commodore. Be warned, several dates are already sold out. More info can be found here