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Release date: 
November 28, 2014
Total songs: 
Play Crazy Arms

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Blue Ain't the Word: A Tribute to the Music of Ray Price

This scribe has long been a fan of The Rizdales, a country group headed by married couple Tom and Tara Dunphy. They're a fine songwriting team, but for new (and sixth) album Blue Ain't The Word: A Tribute to The Music Of Ray Price, they turn their talents to interpreting songs made famous by legendary late Texan country singer Ray Price. Their vocal harmonies and contrasting male/female vocals add freshness and variety to their versions, while pedal steel virtuoso Burke Carroll makes a key contribution. This is honkytonk music that is a refreshing change from the bro country sounds out there. The fact that The Rizdales are popular in Austin confirms their authenticity.

The band recently played CD release shows in Wakefield, Toronto and London. Upcoming gigs include the Commercial Tavern in Maryhill, ON (Dec. 7), Cadillac Lounge in Toronto (Dec. 13) and Richmond Tavern in London, ON (Dec. 14).