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Release date: 
November 10, 2015
Total songs: 
Folk, Jazz
Play Shot of Rhythm and Blues

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Blue Skies

Fluent jazz guitarist Jordan Officer first made a mark via his extensive collaboration with ace jazz vocalist Susie Arioli. He returns to the solo spotlight with effortless grace on new album Blue Skies, his third solo effort. It was recorded in L.A. earlier this year, and it features a real smorgasbord of musical style - blues, jazz, country, rock 'n roll and Tex-Mex. Officer's versatile picking and warm and mellow vocals certainly prove up to that musical challenge. All the tunes here are covers, ranging from Dylan and Phil Spector to Louis Armstrong, Fats Domino, and Big Joe Turner. Two veteran L.A. session players, Mitch Holder and Dennis Budimir, accompany him and Tex-Mex legend Augie Meyers guests, while Arioli adds back-up vocals to a highlight track, "Shot of Rhythm and Blues". Of note: Scott Yanow’s publication “The Great Jazz Guitarists, The Ultimate Guide”, recently included Officer in that list.

Officer has just begun an eight-date French tour, and will play Quebec shows in early 2016. Check his site for details.