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Release date: 
October 21, 2014
Total songs: 
Rock/Pop, Country
Play All the Boys Want You
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Bluebird is the sixth solo album from prolific singer/songwriter Jay Sparrow. The label bio describes his sound as "punk-influenced, folk-driven, and twang-induced", and it is driven by his robust vocals ("a voice that could stop a freight train", said FYI) and gritty songwriting (the title is borrowed from a Bukowski poem). Sparrow first took flight as leader of punk band Murder City Sparrows, whose two discs were produced by Gordie Johnson. Winning the CBC Great Canadian Song Quest boosted his solo profile and he signed to top country label Royalty Records this year. Bluebird was recorded at Willie Nelson's Austin studio, and name guests include Johnson, Clayton Bellamy and Shaun Verreault.
Sparrow is currently on a radio tour, with public dates expected to be announced soon.