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November 17, 2015
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Play This Note's for You
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Bluenote Café

National treasure and international rock icon Neil Young turned 70 last week, a milestone he noted on Facebook as a very good golf score! He continues to look ahead, releasing new albums at a prolific rate. Simultaneously, however, he's dipping into the substantial archives, putting out live albums in the Performance Series. The latest of these (the 11th) is Bluenote Café, a double CD featuring 23 (!) tracks captured during Young's 1988 tour. This period of uneven and sometimes confusing albums may not have been his best era, but there's still plenty to enjoy here. A highlight here is "This Note's For You", Neil's angry rant about artists who sell (out) their music to commercials. That battle may be lost (now artists boast about placements), but the song remains refreshing. He saves the best for last, via an epic 19 minute plus take on a true Neil classic, "Tonight's the Night". Young is in top form, vocally and on guitar, here, while his horn section, the Bluenotes, add extra punch. Of note: There are seven previously unreleased songs here, making this a must for the NY completist.

Still a road warrior, Young has been touring extensively with Promise Of The Real. Check his site for upcoming 2016 dates.