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Release date: 
November 11, 2014
Total songs: 
Play We Let the Shadow in (Acoustic)
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Bones EP

A year has passed since the release of Bound, the stunning sophomore record from Kashka. To celebrate, the spritely electro-pop songs are being revisited, and stripped down to their barest elements for the Bones EP.  Astute fans will recognize Kashka mastermind Kat Burns as the primary force behind the on-indefinite-hiatus Forest City Lovers, and the acoustic arrangements here have more in common with that earlier project. The new five-track set only further highlights Burns’ impressive songwriting abilities and vocal presence, and has us questioning why her efforts were so overlooked during the awards season.

Fans can order a limited edition handmade CD of Bones from Kashka’s Bandcamp. The disc was launched at a release party at the Drake in Toronto last week.