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November 18, 2014
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Bones of Things

T.O. modern rockers Meligrove Band have had a rollercoaster career ride over the past 17 years, with highlights including being the first Canadian band signed to V2 Records (in 2005). That journey was captured in the recent acclaimed documentary, Ages and Stages: The Story of the Meligrove Band. They're hoping to be back on the right track with new album, Bones of Things, a fine disc that shows they're as melodically inventive and hook-happy as ever (as on "Tortaruga"). Their fifth album, it's their first in four years. The album was recorded in rural Ontario with producer/indie rock hero Jose Contreras (By Divine Right) over a two year period. There'll be vinyl as well as CD and digital formats for the album.

We caught their pre-release gig at The Horseshoe recently and were suitably impressed. Expect more dates soon.