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July 18, 2013
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Play Read My Mind
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Borrowed Time

During the sweltering summer of 2012 in Montreal, troubadour Leif Vollebekk hunkered down in Jace Lasek’s (of The Besnard Lakes) Breakglass Studios to track five cover tunes. This EP, Borrowed Time is available now for free download here.

There are folkified reworkings of songs by Bob Dylan, Sigur Ros, Neil Young, The Beach Boys (an almost unrecognizable “Caroline, No”), and The Killers (“Read My Mind”, arguably the best of the bunch). Reportedly, there was a version of a Strokes number that just didn’t make the cut. Introspective and impassioned, Borrowed Time is an excellent companion to North Americana, his well-received full-length released back in February.

Vollebekk is hitting the road in the fall with dates scheduled across the country, check here for details.