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Release date: 
March 6, 2014
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The well-trained young cats in The Heavyweights Brass Band have made a splash locally with high-energy performances and strong debut CD Don't Bring Me Down. Sophomore outing Brasstronomical ups the ante, as it's an exuberant and musically eclectic collection from the horn-heavy sextet. The surging cover of Rush classic "YYZ" will grab attention, while their New Orleans roots show on "St. James Infirmary Blues". Thankfully, their original compositions are equally strong. Notable guests include Jane Bunnett (on "Misterioso") and soul legend Jay Douglas (on "Booze Hounds"). This is the first release on new label Lula World records, linked to Toronto venue Lula Lounge. They picked a winner here. No surprise that HBB launched the disc this week with a Lula gig. Look for them on the local club and fest circuit later.