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June 10, 2014
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Brill Bruisers - Single

Everyone’s favourite indie Vancouver (don't call them a supergroup) act The New Pornographers are back with a new riveting single, “Brill Bruisers”. It’s an incredibly dynamic, rich, and pleasantly succinct banger that’ll have you hitting repeat –as if you weren’t already entranced by its’ luminescent interactive artwork. This quintessentially Canadian single is the first glimpse of a forthcoming album of the same name, due August 26. Considering the number of ongoing individual projects A. C. Newman, Dan Bejar, Blaine Thurier, Neko Case, Kurt Dahle, John Collins, Kathryn Calder, and Todd Fancey (phew!) have going on, four years since the last album, Together, seems downright reasonable. 

Festival dates are scheduled across the country, starting in BC at the Pemberton Music Festival July 18-20, Edmonton August 29-31 for the Sonic Boom Festival + Edmonton Northlands, and in Toronto September 6-7 for Riot Fest. Details here