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Release date: 
October 13, 2015
Total songs: 
Rock/Pop, Folk
Play Love Is Pleasin'

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Broadside Ballads

The name of Ryan Boldt will be familiar to Canadian folk fans, as he's the driving force behind the highly-acclaimed Deep Dark Woods, one of our very best folk-rock bands. On new solo album Broadside Ballads, the singer/songwriter drives deeper into the heart of traditional folk stylings, and he acknowledges the record "is influenced by the great songs of Shirley Collins, [early] Bob Dylan and Fairport Convention". It may be retro-sounding, but the lyrics of "Poor Murdered Women" have a contemporary relevance. Boldt's rich and resonant voice rightfully takes centrestage here, while fine instrumental accompaniment is provided by DDW bandmate Clayton Linthicum. Boldt co-produced with Jody Weger, who also engineered.  We're guessing the album title is an homage to '60s U.S. folk music mag Broadsheet.

Boldt and his all-star band (including Shuyler Jansen and Kacy and Clayton) have dates in Western Canada in November. Go to www.bigwhitecloudrecs.com for details.