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Release date: 
May 26, 2015
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Alternative, Metal
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Burn - Single

After a line-up change and a couple years on from career-high effort The Difference Between Hell and Home, fan favourite melodic hardcore outfit Counterparts have announced their signing to New Damage Records in Canada (and Pure Noise Records in the U.S.) and an impending fourth studio album, Tragedy Will Find Us, to be released on July 24. Early single “Burn” is a vicious aural attack and definitely representative of the band’s signature sound – in less than three minutes, it manages to switch gears several times between melodic undistorted guitar and pummelling start/stop riffs.

“We chose “Burn” as the first single from TWFU for obvious reasons,” singer Brendan Murphy said in a press release. “Aside from the fact that we just randomly threw it into our live set, we all felt like “Burn” is the most ‘Counterparts’ song on the record. What we mean by that is that it has all the elements that the people who care about the band know and love. It’s a good segue into this new chapter of the band. The same Counterparts you’re all familiar with, but with a little extra kick. Kinda like Flamin’ Hot Cheetos… or even Vanilla Coke.”

Counterparts will play at the London Music Hall in London ON with Every Time I Die and Real Friends on August 14.