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Release date: 
May 26, 2015
Total songs: 
Play In the Morning

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Burn the Plan

Juno Award winners in 2010, folk-based vocal trio Good Lovelies also earned a 2012 Juno nomination for their previous studio album Let the Rain Fall. In the long gap since, the members concentrated on honing their sound as individual musicians first, Good Lovelies second, but new album Burn The Plan (their sixth) reaffirms their strength as a unit. There are new contemporary touches on the sound here, neatly captured by producer Les Cooper (Jill Barber). He plays extensively on the record, alongside the likes of Christine Bougie, Robbie Grunwald, Adam Warner and Steve Zsirai (Luke Doucet of Whitehorse guests on two cuts), but it is the vocal strengths of the trio (individually and in harmonies) that remain their key asset.

We caught Good Lovelies at a pre-release party at Toronto's Burdock Music Hall recently. They tour Germany and the U.K. extensively in June, and will play the Hillside Festival in Guelph, July 24-25. There will be touring in the fall too. Check their site for details.