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November 24, 2015
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By Heart - Single

Robyn and Ryleigh (Gillespie) are sisters, and that bond is shown in their strong vocal harmonies. The duo have a melodic country meets pop sound that is proving radio-friendly. An eponymous debut album attracted attention, and R & R recently signed to Royalty Records. Look for new single "By Heart" to keep spreading the word. Both sisters are involved in the songwriting, with skilled co-production coming from producers/managers David Wills (The Higgins, AJ Woodworth) and Paul Shatto (The Higgins, Chad Brownlee). Of note: David Wills was a member of popular '80s rockers Stonebolt.

Upcoming shows include Festival of Lights “Country Christmas” in Summerland, BC, on Nov. 27 and the Kinsella Community Centre in Kinsella, AB on Feb. 13.