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Release date: 
September 1, 2015
Total songs: 
Alternative, Hip Hop/Rap
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Can't Fly Without Gravity

Canadian hip-hop fans have been eagerly waiting since July 2014 for k-os’s full-length Can’t Fly Without Gravity, after it was announced along with the release of single “WiLD4TheNight (Egoland)” – and they had to wait a little longer, when he stated via social media that it would be pushed back by a week for creative reasons. Was the wait worth it? Well, it depends who you ask. There’s no immediately accessible track in the set that would rival crossover hit “Crabbuckit”, but it’s certainly not without its charms. He deftly blends disparate genres here, perhaps more confidently than ever, experimenting with James Brown-styled breaks and electric guitar riffs until they mutate and evolve past the boxed-in style from which they were birthed. Since his throne was usurped by Drake as one of Toronto’s most high-profile rappers, and a decade on from Joyful Rebellion, k-os had no choice but to mature. The casual passerbys might not care, but the fans will remain.

k-os will play the Sonic Boom Festival in Edmonton on September 5 and Fort Calgary in Calgary on September 6. Head to label Dine Alone Records for details.