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March 31, 2015
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Play Sun's Coming Out
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Carousel One

It is a predictable but welcome routine. Every couple of years Ron Sexsmith will put out a new collection of beautifully crafted songs that are mellow but perceptive reflections on the human condition. These never quite grab the commercial success they merit, except when the tunes are covered by the likes of Emmylou Harris, Rod Stewart, and Feist. Still, Sexsmith's loyal international following is kept happy, and they'll find lots more to love on Carousel One, his 14th album in 20 years! Nice to hear a few witty and comparatively upbeat tunes here ("Getaway Car", "Saint Bernard") amidst familiar melancholy-tinged material. The record was made in L.A. with producer Jim Scott (The Tragically Hip) and L.A.'s finest session players, so the production quality here is, as per usual, first-rate. Last year Sexsmith's previous album Forever Endeavour won the JUNO Award as Best Adult Alternative Album, and we expect Carousel One to make the rounds there again next year.

After four early April U.S. dates, Sexsmith plays Toronto's Massey Hall (May 2), London's Aeolian Hall (May 4) and Ottawa's N.A.C. (May 9), followed by a 10 date U.K. and European tour in June.