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Release date: 
July 28, 2015
Total songs: 
Rock/Pop, Alternative
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Cascades - Single

A couple months ago, we got the first glimpse of Metric’s new album with lead single "The Shade". The throwback-styled cut was their most commercial-leaning track to date, polished, shimmering, and intended for consumption on radio. Newly released track “Cascades” is a little different. Squelchy square-synth leads drive the verses while Emily Haines warm, familiar coo is digitally affected into something more odd, and robotic. As Stereogum and YouTube comments (but can we ever trust those?) are pointing out, it shares a passing similarity to Old World Underground, Where Are You Now? track “Hustle Rose” from over a decade ago, but we’re not complaining. Metric’s brand of sexy, electro disco-rock doesn’t feel the least bit dated.

The band described “Cascade” as “the song we consider the pounding heart of our new album”, which certainly sounds promising. Pagans in Vegas, the band’s sixth studio LP, is due September 18.