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Release date: 
July 3, 2015
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Cataract - Single

We at NCM haven’t heard word from Toronto-bred San Francisco-based punk rockers Dirty Ghosts almost since our site’s inception - which is a shame because the force displayed on cuts like “Katana Rock” was tangible and compelling. We’re grateful then to hear more of frontwoman Allyson Baker’s howls and snarls on new grimy cut “Cataract”. It’s a nod to the ‘80s San-Fran synthpunk scene (Chrome being a solid reference point), armed with angular guitar riffs and driving rhythms, but not without a modern pop slant and memorable hooks. A press release explains that the delay was partially due to her ongoing work with !!!/Chk Chk Chk, the dissolution of her marriage to Ian Bavitz (aka rapper Aesop Rock), and a drastic Dirty Ghosts line-up change (that left only bassist Erin McDermott remaining). Whatever the case, it’s great to have this act back.

“Cataract” will be included on an EP of the same name, to be released July 24 through Burger Records, and will also be included on a sophomore full-length, Let it Pretend, due in the fall through Last Gang.