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March 12, 2014
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Catch - Single

Emerging pop star Allie X has elicited a lot of hype this month. With her new single, “Catch”, rave reviews have popped up from Billboard (“expertly crafted”), Time.com (“pristine”), NOW (“gorgeous), and even got a nod from the most followed person on Twitter, Katy Perry (who claims to be “obsessed” with the single). Allie X definitely makes it seem effortless; “Catch” is a glistening electro-pop gem, seemingly the work of a superstar songwriting vet. She cut her teeth writing for film and TV under her real name, Allie Hughes, and was chosen as one of the first participants in the inaugural Slaight Music Residency. Allie currently resides in LA and has labels talking. If anyone was ever primed for exploding on the charts stateside, it’s her. Allie X could very well be the big Canadian breakout artist of 2014.