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Release info

Release date: 
October 6, 2015
Total songs: 
Play Something Like Summer

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Back in June, the track "In The Grottos" brought femme rock trio Caveboy (formerly Diamond Bones) to our attention, and we found their self-titled alt dream-pop a pleasing proposition. We feel the same way about the group's eponymous new EP. New focus track "Something Like Summer" is a good represntation of their sound. Produced by The Dears guitarist Patrick Krief, Caveboy was recorded at noted Montreal facility Breakglass Studios, and mixed by Jace Lasek, of Besnard Lakes fame and a perfect choice.

The band recently played two shows at Pop Montreal and showcase at CMJ in NYC on Oct. 13. In late October they play gigs in Quebec City, Montreal, Ottawa and Kingston, plus a Toronto Mod Club show on Nov. 5.