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Release date: 
August 25, 2015
Total songs: 
Play I'm Bill Murray

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Chorus! Chorus! Chorus!

In a recent Facebook post, Gregory Pepper calls his new album CHORUS! CHORUS! CHORUS! "an absurd little power-pop exercise that we worked wicked hard on". There is some absurdist humour and salty wit here (track titles include "I'm Bill Murray", "Smart Phones For Stupid People", and" I Wonder Whose Dick You Had To Suck?"), while the hard work of Pepper and His Problems paid off in a highly entertaining album (out as a 7-inch vinyl release). Weezer is a common comparison point, given the catchy hooks Pepper creates. Since releasing their debut, S/T (Super​-​Deluxe Re​-​Issue), in 2007, GPAHP have put out entertaining records at a prolific rate, and they've delivered another winner here.

The band's upcoming Ontario tour has shows at London's Call the Office (Sept. 25), Toronto's Smiling Buddha (Oct. 1), Guelph's eBar (Oct. 2), and Kitchener's Outpost (Oct. 3).