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Release date: 
November 25, 2014
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Christmas 2014 - Single

Releasing a joint Christmas single has become an annual tradition for the dynamic duo of Ali Slaight and Theo Tams. The two talented Toronto-based vocalists have notable solo careers (Tams was a Canadian Idol winner), but they first connected as Ali & Theo on a seasonal song back in 2009 ("Do You Hear What I Hear"). They released more well-received holiday singles in three of the next four years, and happily they're back at it now with two new tracks, "Let It Fall" and "Oh Holy Night", making it a total of nine Xmas songs to date. Their extensive work together is audible in the pair's impeccable and warm vocal harmonies. Lush arrangements perfectly frame the sweetly romantic and seasonally-themed lyrics of "Let It Fall" ("we're going to light it up brighter than any tree"), making it a real holiday song winner.