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Release date: 
December 15, 2015
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Play Christmas Must Be Tonight

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Christmas Must Be Tonight - Single

New holiday single "Christmas Must Be Tonight” brings together three iconic figures in Canadian music. You see, the tune was written by Robbie Robertson and it is now covered by his former mentor/boss, Ronnie Hawkins, with co-production by none other than Gordon Lightfoot! This is the first time longtime pals (and mutual admirers) Lightfoot and Hawkins have worked together, and this tune is a fine result. The Weber Brothers and musician/engineer James McKenty (Blue Rodeo, Michelle McAdorey) played on the recording, while Hawkins' voice is in fine mellow form. The overall effect is as warming as an open fire.The well-written tune was first sung by Rick Danko in The Band's '70s version, with Robertson later also recording it. The new take on it is one of the best seasonal songs of the year. Of note: The recording session also produced a cover of Hawkins covering a Lightfoot tune, "Pony Man". Look for that to be released next year.

The single was launched with a media event at the Cambria showroom in Toronto last week, with both Hawkins and Lightfoot in attendance.