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September 2, 2014
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Play 27 Is the New 17
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Classic Zeus

The third album from Zeus was one of the most keenly-anticipated Canadian rock albums of the year, and Classic Zeus sure doesn't disappoint. Catchy advance single "Miss My Friends" primed the pump, and the rest of the Toronto quartet's disc is of similar high quality. The band are often termed retro rockers, but it's more accurate to say they're wedded to classic songwriting. The harmonies and guitar work on "Bonnieview" suggest vintage Queen, but other cuts (including "Miss My Friends" and a personal fave, "27 Is The New 17") have a more contemporary feel. The band's claim that this is their most "concise and collaborative" effort yet is validated on this superb album.

Zeus begin an extensive North American tour in Portland on Sept. 10. Twelve Canadian cities are visited and you can check out full details on their site.