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Release date: 
December 16, 2014
Total songs: 
Play Dirty Clocks

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Close Your Eyes, Keep Talking

Following on from their 2013 EP Short Stories With Recurring Characters, Big Lonely deliver a fine debut full-length, Close Your Eyes, Keep Talking. This is brightly melodic indie-rock sure to appeal to fans of Tokyo Police Club and Born Ruffians. The band confess "We remain hopelessly indecisive and torn, struggling with the pursuit of adult sophistication and remaining young at heart". Thankfully, such struggles are resulting in some great tunes, including the catchy first single "Dirty Clocks". A band to keep an eye on.

They launched the album with a gig at Rumrunners in London recently. Upcoming gigs include the Boston Manor in Burlington (Dec. 19), Horseshoe in Toronto (Jan. 22), The Shire in London (Feb. 7) and Jimmy Jazz in Guelph (March 14).