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Release date: 
July 14, 2015
Total songs: 
Country, Folk
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Coffee Creek

On their splendid sophomore album Coffee Creek, Slocan Ramblers demonstrate why they're being widely called the best young bluegrass group in Canada. Comprising graduates from the noted Humber College music program, the quartet mix instrumental and vocal prowess with a clear passion for the genre. Original compositions sit neatly alongside covers of tunes by such bluegrass and folk icons as Woody Guthrie, Roy Acuff and The Delmore Brothers. Toronto banjo wizard and bluegrass stalwart Chris Coole (Foggy Hogtown Boys) co-produced with the group, with American bluegrass star Ivan Rosenberg mixing. The group has drawn praise from Don Cherry (don't hold that against them), opened for Steve Martin, and showcased at Folk Alliance.

Slocan Ramblers launched the album at Toronto's Tranzac last week and have now started an extensive Western tour. Check their site for a full itinerary.