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Release date: 
December 15, 2015
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Hip Hop/Rap
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Cold - Single

Much-praised rapper from the 6, Friday (AKA Ricky Dred) is gearing up for the early 2016 release of his third album, Nocturnal, out AWOL/Urbnet. An advance single, "Cold", sure whets the appetite for the full-length. According to a press release, “'Cold' is the product of Friday's musical ambition being tied in with his attraction to the street life that led him to a career selling drugs at age seventeen and a 2010 stint in federal prison for drug and firearm possession". The rapper candidly reveals that "It's also the realization that my heart has become cold as a result of several years’ worth of hustling and pain”. On the cut, his hard-hitting rhymes are placed amidst an insistent yet sparse beat, to mesmerising effect. Of note: Friday released an EP, Parkdale, earlier this year. He is also on the verge of publishing his first novel, 15 Minutes.