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July 15, 2014
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Cold - Single

Vancouver pop-punk outfit Gob’s managed to outlive the majority of their peers, churning out power-chord driven anthems for over two decades now. Since lead singer/guitarist Tom Thacker’s been pulling double duty as the permanent guitarist for Sum 41, the wait for a new album was extended indefinitely. Now seven years on since the release of the more metal-influenced Muertos Vivos, the band has announced that Apt 13 will be available August 26, through New Damage Records. Early single “Cold” finds them returning to their melodic roots and is executed with the same vigor that made “Oh! Ellin” and “Give Up the Grudge” undeniable hits for them. In a press release, Thacker said, “We know exactly how we want our songs to come off, and it keeps the Gobness of it all really unadulterated and pure.”

Upcoming live dates include Boonstock Music Festival August 2 in Penticton BC, August 22 at the Imperial Room in Vancouver, and August 30 in Valleyview AB for Beaverfest.