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September 16, 2014
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After a couple of earlier well-received EPs and extensive gigging over the past four years, bilingual quartet  Indigo Joseph are set to make a bigger splash with their debut full-length album, Collage. In 2013, they showcased at CMW, JunoFest and NXNE, and CBC named their rollicking single "Others" their Indie Song of the Summer. The band have the kind of spirited roots music sound that is on a roll these days, but they're not afraid to explore other genres too. "It's very liberating but also very challenging to be able to pull off a wide range of characters and musical landscapes", they explain in their bio.
Indigo Joseph launched Collage recently at Regina's Performing Arts Centre. They have cross-country dates (from Vancouver to Moncton) over the next two months. Check their website for details (http://www.indigojoseph.com/index.php/calendar).