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Release date: 
April 8, 2014
Total songs: 
Rock/Pop, Blues
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Collection One: The Peacock, The Deer, and the Moon

Multi-instrumentalist and singer/songwriter Bruce Ley is a very experienced musician who has scored for film and TV and produced and written for other artists, but he's now concentrating on his own music. He is certainly musically eclectic, and now prolific. As the title indicates, Collection One: The Peacock, the Deer, And the Moon is the first of three collections to appear this year. Ley explains, "the first is a soul, rock and blues compilation, the second has country, roots, and folk tunes and will follow in early summer, and there'll be some lyrical jazz meanderings in the late fall". Collection One is a true tandem effort, for Ley's wife, Candice Bist, contributes eloquent lyrics to his melodic tunes. Horns and backing vocals add to a very full and satisfying sound.