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Release date: 
April 8, 2015
Total songs: 
Play I'm in the Mood for Swing

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A popular performer in Canada and the U.S., smooth-voiced crooner Andy De Campos finally gets to make a debut album, and it's a fine one. For Colors, he enlists some of T.O.'s best players, including Robi Botos, Terry Clarke, Kelly Jefferson, Mark Zubek, Jordan Klapman and Tony Quarrington, and they recorded at elite studio Noble Street. There's a nice mix of material here, from Songbook standards to international tunes sung in Portuguese, Italian and French. Maroon 5 hit "Sunday Morning" is covered, and there are some fresh new songs like "Toronto!" (co-written by De Campos) and breezy opening cut "I'm In The Mood For Swing", written by Quarrington and Klapman. On it, De Campos declares "Rock really ain't my thing, I'm in the mood for swing", and he delivers a swingin' winner here. He performs at Lula Lounge in Toronto on May 25.