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Release date: 
July 23, 2014
Total songs: 
Rock/Pop, Dance/Electronic
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Colourblind (feat. Andrew Cole)

Last year’s hit single "Goodbye" by Toronto-based house producer Glenn Morrison (and singer Islove) was no fluke. The former is a classically trained pianist and preteen prodigy, who reached his ARCT from the Royal Conservatory of Music by the age of 14. At 20, he was getting tips from good friend Deadmau5 on how to craft proper electronic beats. So his latest single “Colourblind” has all the right things going for it – effortless, crowd-baiting hooks (provided by Oakville ON/L.A. based up-and-comer Andrew Cole) and the melodic house-meets-pop sheen that Madonna and Britney are chasing, in an effort to stay relevant.   

Check out the track on Soundcloud before it heads to radio and keep an eye out for Morrison’s name on future hits, as producer or as mastering engineer