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Release date: 
February 5, 2014
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Columbus Field

She is still just 19, but Columbus Field  is the third album from Maritime singer/songwriter Molly Thomason. It's a winner, destined to grab attention, showcasing her as a fiery Joan Jett-like rocker. First single "Buttons" is a fine example of this, as is "Never Wanna Come Down". There are some heavy hitters in Thomason's corner, including album producer John Angus MacDonald (Trews) and mixer Gordie Johnson (Big Sugar), bassist Cone McCaslin (Sum 41) and top East Coast manager Sheri Jones (Mo Kenney).  Thomason dazzled at a showcase this week at Toronto's Drake Hotel, one attended by such fellow Maritimers as Kim Stockwood and Stuart Cameron (The Heartbroken), and featuring MacDonald guesting. She has an upcoming residency at T.O.'s C'est What (Feb. 11, 18 and 25), plus CD launch gigs in Halifax on Feb. 13 and Antigonish (Feb. 15) Make this Columbus your discovery.