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Release date: 
August 12, 2014
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Play We Breathe So Brief

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Come to Life

Prior to scoring real success as an actor in film and TV (True Blood, American History X), Keram (Malicki-Sanchez) fronted adventurous T.O. rockers Blue Dog Pict. He released solo album Box in 2008, and he now re-emerges musically with the stunning Come To Life. This is an eclectic and adventurous work with prog-rock roots, one sometimes evoking Smashing Pumpkins. Rush axeman Alex Lifeson is credited as executive producer, and he also plays on three cuts (he's one of 30 musicians featured). The first track here sets the tone, for "We Breathe So Brief" is a shape-shifting epic clocking in at 8:25. Thanks to the closing 21-minute title cut, the album spans 76 minutes, a rarity these days. Thankfully there's no filler on this killer album.

Keram launched the disc at Toronto's Supermarket this week in superb style, aided by an electrifying guest appearance by Lifeson.