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Release info

Release date: 
December 8, 2015
Total songs: 
Rock/Pop, Hip Hop/Rap
Play Coming Soon (feat. Rubber Buzzard)

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Coming Soon (feat. Rubber Buzzard) - Single

Jutes has a hybrid style that has variously been dubbed alternative hip-hop, rap-rock, and hip-pop. It is showcased on "Coming Soon", an entendre-heavy cut with an infectious and upbeat hip-hop meets slacker pop vibe with real earworm potential. Jutes is a prolific cat, following up 2012 debut EP, The ChodeLife, with well-received full-length efforts in 2013 (Space Highway) and 2014 (Breadcrumbs). Word is there'll be a new EP, Much Love EP, set to drop in early 2016.  A press release notes that "Coming Soon" "will balance some of the darker and more emotional tracks on the impending EP".

Jutes recently played at the Toronto Independent Music Awards, but no further gigs have been announced just yet.