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Release info

Release date: 
June 2, 2015
Total songs: 
Hip Hop/Rap
Play This Is My Universe (feat. Rezza Bros.)

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Compositions, Vol. 1

Given his status as a key pioneer of Canadian hiphop (the first such artist to go platinum), it's surprising that a new EP from Maestro Fresh Wes arrived on the scene with little advance fanfare. Hopefully COMPOSITIONS, Volume 1 will receive more attention now. The follow-up to 2013 full-length Orchestrated Noise, it shows that the popular veteran still has serious skills. The peer respect Maestro has earned is reflected in the impressive list of collaborators here: JUNO-winner Rich Kidd, The Rezza Brothers, JRDN, Scott Jackson, JD Era, and King Reign. The EP features Maestro's earlier critically-acclaimed single, "I Can't Breathe", timely social commentary inspired by Eric Garner. Two songs here, "Underestimated" and "This Is My Universe", were written specifically for the 2015 Pan-Am Games Games. We're hoping the EP title suggests more tracks are on the way.

Maestro opens for Snoop Dogg at a June 10 Toronto show, and he also has a special performance as part of the 2015 PAN-AM GAMES in Toronto on July 5th.