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Release date: 
September 9, 2014
Total songs: 
Play Animals

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As with fellow East Coasters Wintersleep, In-Flight Safety have looked across the Atlantic for inspiration. Their atmospheric modern rock sound evokes the likes of Coldplay and Muse, via ringing guitars and spacious soundscapes. Conversationalist is the band's third album in a career now spanning over a decade, and they've survived a few personnel changes along the way. The remaining core duo is singer/guitarist John Mullane and drummer Glen Nicholson and they self-produced the disc. The noted mixing team of Gus Van Go and Werner F then added the required sonic sheen nicely. This is one Conversationalist you'll want to listen to.

In-Flight Safety conclude a short Eastern tour with shows in Moncton (Sept. 12) and Halifax (Sept. 13), then rack up frequent flyer miles by travelling to Hamburg for the Reeperbahn Festival, Sept. 17-20, followed by gigs in the U.K. and at CMJ in NYC.