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Release date: 
March 18, 2014
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Play Crazy in Love

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Crazy in Love - Single

“Crazy in Love” was the inescapable Beyonce smash hit of 2003, and her first turn at going solo. The track peaked on the Billboard Hot 100 chart for eight weeks straight. So how is it that it feels fresh in newcomer Daniela Andrade’s hands? This Edmonton-based singer is quickly becoming a YouTube sensation from her delightful series of stripped-down re-working of pop hits, mostly shot in her living room. Armed with nothing but an acoustic guitar, she’s tackling tunes from Gnarls Barkley, Frank Sinatra, Michael Jackson and more with aplomb, and raking in fans from around the world. She has over 200k subscribers, and her soulful cover of Radiohead’s "Creep" is nearing 2.5 million views. It would be nice to hear some more original tunes soon, but keep in mind Pentatonix, fellow canucks Walk Off the Earth, and Justin Bieber (!) broke big on popular YouTube covers.

Be sure to subscribe to Andrade’s YouTube channel to hear her latest unadorned renditions. New videos are posted every 3-4 weeks.