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Release date: 
October 27, 2015
Total songs: 
Alternative, Other
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Crimes 1 - Single

In theory, at the core of punk music lies its ease of access. No need to learn your scales, no need for lessons, just grab your instruments, set up, and bash away.

In practice? Sure, this is still generally true. But to be a compelling punk band, there needs to be a magic quality about you, something that is revealed by that open door of immediate membership. In Toronto’s Soupcans — a truly compelling punk act — that quality could best be described as amphetamized gleeful antagonism. The tunes are short, scuzzy and simple but they are carried further by pure force of personality: snotty, brash, but above all, really fun.

“Crimes 1” is a preview of their November 17th full-length, Soft Party (Telephone Explosion), and it’s a breathless minute-and-a-half that is a perfect distillation of everything the band does right. “I don’t get it/You don’t get it/They don’t get it!” goes the punchy, malleable refrain. But Soupcans? They get it. They totally get it.