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Release info

Release date: 
June 2, 2015
Total songs: 
Rock/Pop, French
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Melanie Brulee is a fluently bilingual singer/songwriter, but new album Débridée is her first album entirely in French, following on from 2010 debut General Electryk and a more recent EP. She has formerly made a splash in roots music circles, but she describes the new disc as “an indie pop spaghetti western surf Tarantino soundtrack in French.” The captivating first single, "Obtus", shows that to be a fitting tag. The album is produced by Benoit Morier (Chic Gamine, Genevieve Toupin) and guest players include T.O. twang king Champagne James Robertson (Lindi Ortega) and Gary Craig (Blackie & The Rodeo Kings). She covers a song by French star Vanessa Paradis, and co-writers on some of her strong originals include Anique Granger, Faye Blais and Charles Tilden (Delta Will).

Brulee recently launched the album with shows in Montreal, Ottawa, Cornwall, and Toronto. For a list of her upcoming gigs, go here.