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Release date: 
December 16, 2014
Total songs: 
Play The Zissou Predicament

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Dance With the Lady

Johnny Griffith is a multi-Juno Award nominated saxophonist whose credits include Hawksley Workman, Charlie Hunter, Don Thompson, and Laila Biali. On Dance With The Lady, his debut album as a bandleader, he recruited an all-star cast of young players, featuring Adrean Farrugia, Jon Maharaj, Ethan Ardelli and American trumpet star Jeremy Pelt. Working together live has forged a musical empathy very audible here. Griffith impresses with both his fluent playing and his compositional skills. All nine tunes are his, and he cites such influences as Joe Henderson and late great Canadian jazz star Kenny Wheeler. No surprise the disc is already scoring good jazz radio play here and in the U.S. As part of the Griffith Hiltz Trio, he has also released two acclaimed albums, one produced by Hawksley Workman. A formidable talent.

The band will launch the album with two nights at the Rex Hotel in Toronto, January 15 and 16.