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Release date: 
March 18, 2014
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Play You In Your Were
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In support of the second solo record from the Broken Social Scene frontman, Kevin Drew is promoting a signature Tequila Lime Body Butter. Definitely inspired by Darlings’ opening track “Body Butter” and possibly used to promote lead single “Good Sex”, it’s one more way that Drew intends to ignite intimacy, love, and well, good sex. The whole record is an emotional affair, spanning jubilant (“First In Line”), bitter (“Bullshit Ballad”), and soul-baring (the Feist-assisted “You In Your Were”), and unavoidably honest throughout. With the multiple voices guiding the work of BSS, it’s refreshing to hear Drew’s sole perspective, front and centre. Darlings is a stirring album, from a songwriter who doesn’t always need to be social to be connected.

Live dates include Halifax on April 7, June 7&8 in Toronto (which will also include the only BSS dates for the year), Montreal on August 1, and Squamish BC for the Squamish Valley Music Festival on August 9. Details here