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Release date: 
September 18, 2012
Total songs: 
Play Invisible Hands

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Death & Taxes

Known as one of Halifax’s hardest-working units, The Stanfields deliver another romping collection of gravelly-voiced roots rock with co-producer Mike Fraser brought in to sharpen the band’s already smart-sounding metal edge. The result, as hometown critic Doug Taylor rightly writes, is to “let Scottish lilt and Ramonesian drive burn through". The title track and “Invisible Hands” highlight the band’s adept touch at crafting songs for today, whereas “The Boston States” and “Mrs. McGrath” showcase these working class lads’ nose for keeping folklore alive.

   The CD release party at the Seahorse Tavern in their hometown sold out in advance this past week, but with plenty of dates left on the fall tour there is no excuse not to see the band in your local watering hole where you can jig, pogo and quaff a few pints in one sitting.