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June 16, 2014
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Deep Fantasy

It’s a relief that the move from Deranged Records to the more visible Domino Records and the loss of a band member didn’t drastically alter Vancouver punk act White Lung’s style. Because it didn’t need any changing. 2012’s album Sorry was wildly impressive and urged critics and fans to take notice. And new third full-length album Deep Fantasy – at a running time of 22 minutes, an argument could be made for it being an EP – is even better. Without comprising their intense punk nature, there’s just a simple refinement in the delivery. From lead singer Mish Way opting to make things more melodic and personal (look no further than the body-dysmorphia-inspired track “Snake Jaw”) to guitarist Kenneth William’s Johnny Marr-on-coke technical ability, it’s a masterstroke of a performance. One of the best alternative albums of the year to date.

Live shows are a must see. Canadian tour dates include June 27@Divan Orange in Montreal and June 29 @ The Garrison in Toronto.