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April 28, 2015
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Deja Vu - Single

R & B singer Dru won a JUNO Award back in 2005 with his group In Essence ("Master Plan" won for R&B / Soul Recording of the Year), and he has been making waves as a solo artist in recent years, via two solo albums, 2008's The One and 2011's On The Brink. In 2012, he was named Billboard Canada's #1 Emerging Artist, received a SOCAN Award and achieved gold certification for his hit single "She Can Ride" (it scored 700k video views). It looks like Dru now has another hit on his hands with the seductive new track "Deja Vu". The vocal has a classic soul feel while the production touches keep it sounding fresh and contemporary (Dru terms his sound "Pop/R&B-funky soul", which covers the bases). It is making noise across the pond, with over 45 U.K. radio stations adding the track in the first two weeks. In June, Dru will support it with a one-month promo tour in the U.K.