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Release date: 
February 10, 2015
Total songs: 
Play In My Solitude
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Del Bel

The Toronto Star's Ben Rayner terms Del Bel "the most intriguing young Canadian band you haven't heard of". That is about to change fast, given the brilliance of their eponymous second full-length, following on from 2011's critical fave Oneiric. We're aware of songwriters Tyler Belluz and Lisa Conway through other projects like Legato Vipers and L CON, and they've recruited ace players like Laura C. Bates, Michael Brooks, Edwin Huizenga, and members of Born Ruffians, Flowers of Hell and The Wooden Sky here. Bruce Peninsula are featured on backing vocals on "Sails Of Gold" and "Old Magic", while strings, horns and synths add to the dreamy soundscapes. Conway's pure and powerful voice is equally at home on Portishead-like moody tracks "The Rains" and "In My Solitude" and more vibrant uptempo cuts. Belluz, Kenny Meehan and Ian Romano produced the record in Welland, ON. Look for major moves by Del Bel in 2015.

They launch the album on Feb. 14 at Toronto's Polish Combatants Hall, followed by gigs in Guelph, St. Catharines, Hamilton, Ottawa, Montreal and London.