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Release date: 
July 7, 2015
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Destroy the Heart - Single

The Black Fever have previously released two full-length albums, Romanticism (2010) and Revisionist (2012) (which featured the wittily-entitled "Girls Just Want To Have Funds"), and an EP, A Little Help (2014). They now impress with a brilliant new single, "Destroy The Heart". It is driven by righteously furious guitar squalls, a solid rhythmic pulse and suitably virile vocals. Stylistically, it reminds us of '80s British post-punk, a la The Sound or Comsat Angels. A definite winner, it certainly gets us excited about a full album, Midnight Century, about to surface (on July 11). The band describe the album as being "about reconciling the fantastic possibilities of life with the crushing realities of the modern world.”

The Black Fever play an album release show at Rancho Relaxo in Toronto on July 11. They also have gigs at Wasted Space in Oshawa ( Aug. 7),  Irene's in Ottawa (Aug. 14), and Bistro du Paris in Montreal (Aug. 15).